We see ourselves as a service provider for our customers
"Flexibility is our normality"
Company Profile

ORA Engineering was established on 20 September 2013 with the main headquarters in Pristina. As partners and benevolent in industry and high quality we offer a wide range of solutions. Our range of services and products extends from your domestic automation to power plants. Ora Engineering prepares each project according to customer requirements and offers individual solutions for each particular problem. We see ourselves as a service provider for our customers. Flexibility is our normality. Engineering services for projects and equipment are certainly our scope of service, as can be for example provision of special products according to specific customer requirements. Work-selling provides a wider range of technical as KNOW-HOW (Knowledge and ability required to do something correctly)

Our goal for the future

Our goal for the future is undoubtedly the continuation of offering the services and the best solutions worldwide. Group, as part of its strategy for the coming years aims to grow steadily thereby maximizing the company profits. The basis of our success is our organizational structure based on behavior values and an inalienable spirit of cooperation. The goal is to maintain, strengthen and develop ORA Engineering's market position as a financially independent company. Group of strategies, organization and corporative culture are the basis for a successful future. We are active in the formation of its future, the development of new applications for our products and we are working hard to convince more customers on the quality and security that we offer.

Innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions

We have divided into two major business units, "Industry" and "Communication". The company goal is to use its entire network of know-how and expertise to offer clients customized solutions and services that provide clear benefits and advantages. A highly qualified and specialized workforce guarantees the excellent quality of both products and services, such as engineering services, security and surveillance technology, communication systems, or component engineering. Because these highly efficient technologies and services are diversified across a broad spectrum, the Hörmann Group remains largely unaffected by macro economic influences or cyclical fluctuations, thus minimizing the risks for both the enterprise and its employees. This way of thinking and acting offers ORA Engineering the freedom to develop perfect customized solutions with a clear head, vision, motivation and passion; it is a proven strategy for the success and constant growth of the Ora Engineering.

Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who can create focused marketing strategies that align with business needs.

Adrian Rama

Ba Building Services Engineering, Master of Environmental Engineering

Fitim Latifaj
Project Manager & Developer

Master of Computer Science and Engineering

Kreshnik Haliti
Head of Automatics

Master of Electronic Engineering

Hysni Jashari
Head of Machinery

Master of Mechanical Engineering